Friday, July 26, 2013

Mary Ann's Diner, Derry, NH

The last MemberCard deal from my weekend in NH was at Mary Ann's Diner in Derry. Mary Ann's was very convenient to my friend Amy's house. In fact we walked to the diner on that Sunday morning. 

There was a decent crowd having breakfast when we arrived. We were very lucky we didn't have to wait for a table. 

Of course I started out with coffee. 

I ordered one of my diner favorites, Eggs Benedict. It was terrific.

Amy had french toast with sausage. Also excellent. 

The MemberCard Deal at Mary Ann's was 2-for-1. With the lowest priced item being free, we saved another $4.99. Which brought our entire MemberCard weekend savings total up to $53.14. We saved over $50 in just 3 days! With a little bit of planning, you really can save a lot of money with the MemberCard. I feel like I had a wonderful weekend get-away and fit made it even better because we saved so much money. 

My overall MemberCard savings, exactly 6 months and 2 weeks into my challenge has saved $286.04. I bet I reach the $300 mark very soon... 


  1. Amanda forgot to mention how much she saved in New Hampshire on our tax free shopping :)

  2. Not only tax-free, but inexpensive too!! We sure know how to find the deals!